Here are 5 consumer brands leveraging content marketing in creative ways to make a big impact.

Coca Cola

For a brand long recognized for their dominance in mass media advertising, Coca Cola has emerged as a leader in content marketing. As example of their vision, in 2012 they released “Content 2020,” their long-term content mission statement. Their goal is to move from creative excellence to becoming a superior content marketer.


Many years ago, Lego decided they needed to take steps from their rivals. Because the patent had run out on their block-connecting patent, they began looking for ways to solidify their brand. Lego Club Magazine is one on the results of that process. It is custom-designed by local markets as well as age. Every Lego fan can get the latest company and product information tailored just for them. In fact, the magazine is part of the Lego Club, another way Lego successfully involves their fans and customers in the brand.

Red Bull

Red Bull appears to be a drink merchandiser who cleverly uses the media and stunts to create a unique brand. In truth, Red Bull operates as its own media company that happens to market an energy drink. Recently they sponsored the longest free-form parachute drop from space, as well as another extreme adventurer who base-jumped off Mount Everest. By associating themselves with fun and extreme events, they are able to create content that gets shared like crazy around the world.

Dive Rite

Another marketer that has taken advantage of adventure and travel is Dive Rite. This diving equipment company uses stories from their customers to help populate a plethora of marketing channels. One example is the “Customer Stories” page located on their website. Enthusiastic customers can upload videos, images and stories involving the company products. The sheer number and breadth of customer adventures provides a lot of “social proof” to new clients considering the brand.


One of the fastest-growing personal finance sites, Mint built “Mint Life,” their online community as a way to interact with their users and fans. Recently they released the Mint Life mobile app to allow clients to interact with the site on the go.

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5 Consumer Companies Doing Content Marketing Right
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