So you created content for your site in order to boost SEO, sales and profit. And it’s not doing anything. Here are several things that the Content Marketing Institute says to check to make sure your content is doing the job:

– Have a buyer focus. It’s not about you. Put your ego aside and focus on your client’s needs.
– Have a call to action. Be a leader. Tell people what to do next. They don’t want to guess.
– Make taking the action easy.
– Make sure your sales story makes sense. Are there big gaps in your presentation?
– Give “reasons why.” Tell them why your case makes sense.
– Be specific.
– Focus on ONE buying avatar.

Get the whole skinny at CMI.

Joe Ditzel is a copywriter, marketing consultant and award-winning public speaker. He is the founder of Vast Media Empire, a network of technology, business, information and entertainment websites. Contact Joe at or connect on: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+

How To Battle Limp Content
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