I was just listening to an old ILoveMarketing.com podcast from last summer (http://ilovemarketing.com/episode-26the-one-with-marie-forleo-and-yanik-silver/). Joe and Dean were talking to Yanik Silver and Marie Forleo. Yanik was discussing “creation stories” and how the vendors at Whole Foods (http://wholefoodsmarket.com/) always have interesting stories about their company and products.

One example is Cowgirl Creamery (http://www.cowgirlcreamery.com/aboutus.asp). Why they started the company and how they make their products is part of the value they offer. Their creation story in an inherent part of their brand and unique selling position.

Working with entrepreneurs, I find that sometimes they are reluctant to share the background story of their company. They have a misguided desire to appear “professional.”

This ain’t your father’s marketing world. People want to know about you and the “why” behind your company. If they buy the “why,” you are halfway home. Develop your own creation story and work it into all your marketing.

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Brand Marketing: Whole Foods and Creation Stories
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