Do you have dreams of building a large international business? If so, think scale from day one or from today forward. You have to assemble your company now in such a manner that it can grow very rapidly.

Here is an example. Bridge International Academies operates pre-school and primary schools in Africa. They charge $5 for each student per month, paid by cell phone, in areas where most families make around $2/day. Their goal is to educate 10,000,000 kids.

It is one of the most highly-systemized businesses you’ll ever read about.

“Bridge International Academies was founded from day one on the premise of this massive market opportunity, knowing that to achieve success, we would need to achieve a scale never before seen in education, and at a speed that makes most people dizzy.

“From the beginning, we invested large sums of capital in research, development, technology, and curriculum before even the first pupil was admitted. It’s imperative to continue this rigorous development process until the highest levels of academic performance and operational effectiveness are achieved so that the 1st, 100th and 1000th pupils receive the same level of education as the 100,000th and the 1,000,000th.”
Model | Bridge International Academies

They use technology from the first second they consider building a school, to scouting the location, to managing construction, to hiring, teaching, testing and grading.

They even use technology for recess with apps for kickball, dodgeball and skipping rope.
(OK, I made that part up).

Should education be this cookie-cutter? Maybe not, but their results are clear:
Academic | Bridge International Academies

The thing is, huge scale may not interest you, and that’s legitimate. If it does appeal to you, continually ask, “Is what I am working on right now built to scale to worldwide levels.”

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This Company Was Built To Scale Up Fast
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