Here’s a good lead gen letter from copywriter Robert Stover. It pulled in accounts spending $500K.

You can adapt this to your product or service easily. It helps if you have a dramatic success story. In this case, some people were so moved they actually started crying when they read it!

Whether you make people weep or not, remember to join the conversation going on in your prospect’s head. What are they currently worried about?

Robert says, “First, know your market. What are their biggest desires? What are their greatest fears? What keeps them awake at night with worry and fear and regret? What is their greatest dream?”

Joe Ditzel is a copywriter, marketing consultant and award-winning public speaker. He is the founder of Vast Media Empire, a network of technology, business, information and entertainment websites. Contact Joe at or connect on: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+

Copywriting: The Ambulance Lead Generation Letter
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