I was watching a syndicated home improvement show. This show has a host who comes in and does a makeover for regular people’s homes.

At one point he talks to the owner of a company that makes chairs that will go in the new home. It’s a sponsor tie-in, and the host asks him,”What makes your chairs special?”

The chair guy says, “Well we make our own foam, and in fact, we are the only company that POURS their own foam!”

Wow! They pour their own foam!

What the heck does that mean to me?

The guy had a national platform, and he didn’t give me the benefit of what is possibly a great feature. It sounded like something good, but I still don’t know what I get out of it.

When writing the text for your site, always give the feature AND the benefit. Don’t assume customers know the benefit of the things you offer. Give the feature and think, “What that means to you is…” and then give the benefits.

Providing features and benefits means your customer will know exactly how their life will improve, and they’ll be much more likely to purchase your products and services. You’ll create better customer engagement which leads to more sales and profit.

See what I did there?

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Copywriting: What That Means To You
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