English is a flexible language, quickly absorbing new words and slang terms from other languages, technical advancements and cultural change.


But it’s also a pain in the ass. For example:

  • What’s the difference between congenial and genial?
  • What’s a nonrestrictive appositive?
  • Is there any difference between frantic and frenetic?

Who cares?

OK, maybe when it comes to grammar, you feel like the cabbie who yelled at my girlfriend, “Hey, toots, I got your dangling modifier right here!”

I feel ya. Grammar is as exciting as rearranging your sock drawer (“Please, honey, I like the white socks wrapped up in those little balls!”) I find it a constant challenge.

And for sales copywriting you don’t really need to be a grammar whiz. In fact, it may hurt you.

In any case, Daily Writing Tips is an easy way to fill the holes in your knowledge of grammar. If you get on the email list, you get a steady diet of writing and grammar tips. Most are useful, or at least interesting, and will help improve your writing.



Joe Ditzel is a copywriter, marketing consultant and award-winning public speaker. He is the founder of Vast Media Empire, a network of technology, business, information and entertainment websites. Contact Joe at joe@ditzelandco.com or connect on: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+

Daily Writing Tips
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