Tired of sending plain direct mail? For years Babcock and Jenkins has sent over 75 tins of brownies every month to targeted B2B chief marketing directors. Inside is a card with a personalized URL. This strategy has helped them grow from $0 to $7 million and 45 employees.

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Integrated B2B Marketing Agency | Babcock & Jenkins

Yes, it is expensive. They only target high quality clients.

Maybe you can use it on a smaller scale for a handful of top prospects.

Here is an excerpt:

“The agency focuses on business to business work, promoting high-end, high-cost technology products that corporations buy only every few years. Many of its campaigns target a small number of decision-makers and aim to efficiently nudge them toward a client’s product.

Babcock & Jenkins’ brownie campaign illustrates the approach. An intriguing piece of mail draws potential clients to the Web site for a first visit. Because each visitor receives a unique Web address, Babcock & Jenkins instantly knows exactly who has responded.

Based on how long a visitor looks at the site, and where the visitor clicks, the agency can build on past information to gauge the likeliness that a visitor will ultimately become a client, and respond accordingly.”

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