Recently I was asked how to start a portal for a whole city. I replied that this is a good time to start a local site because so many big companies have walked away from the hyperlocal market. NBC’s Everyblock and others closed down–they couldn’t make the math work.

But, don’t make the same mistake as the big corporations. Don’t try to take over the world. I advise you get one good local site going and making money. Then expand slowly if you want.

There are local sites making money including:

West Seattle Blog
West Seattle Blog… – West Seattle news, 24/7


The Batavian
The Batavian | Online News. Community Views.

Here are some resources:
Hyperlocal Magazine

If you insist on one portal that covers a whole city, I would curate content from local bloggers and news sources, and then add in your own content in the mix.

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Hyperlocal: Should I Start A Local City Portal?
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