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Images are another type of content that can help you extend your reach and get your company in front of potential customers. There are many different photo sharing sites where you can post these pictures:


The value here is twofold. First, if it suits your business, you can share pictures of the products you sell, work you do or almost anything else. For example, an interior designer could share images of past jobs or before and after shots.

For someone searching for a local interior designer, a picture is worth a thousand words so having those pictures available for people to easily find can be invaluable. Google and most other search engines have mixed images into their search results, so you could end up attracting a potential customer’s attention through those images.

But even if your business doesn’t necessarily translate well into pictures, there are reasons you might want to distribute images to these sites.

One reason is for brand recognition. If people are searching online for what you offer and your company name or logo comes up in the search results, that will help to brand you in their mind. When they see your website listed in the search results, or find your Google Places listing on their smartphone the next time they go searching, they’re going to recognize you over other companies that they haven’t heard of.

And if you have pictures of your office or place of business online, it’s going to make it easier for them to recognize when they get there.

All these things make dealing with your company a little easier for your customers, and when you add them all up it can make a big difference.

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