Jim Mullen is the founder of Mullen Advertising, a successful New England agency known for innovative and yes, creative campaigns. They also do a lot of direct response. You may be interested in this profile of the man and the agency.

Here is an excerpt:
“Again and again Mullen reminds you that there are people at the center of business. That the people in your agency have lives and dreams and families and if you treat them with the respect that deserves, you will do great things. You will create great work that the people with lives and dreams and families who are paying your agency will want more of, because it will resonate with all the people with lives and dreams and families they are trying to sell to.”

A profile on Forbes.

“Learn what consumers are thinking: Technology is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to learning how and what consumers say when they are talking about a particular brand. The tools that let marketers do this range from a simple search on Twitter to sophisticated software packages that track the sentiment of what’s being said by millions. Both offer greater insight into consumers than was ever available before technology became central to communications; and, fortunately, make it easier to understand how to strengthen loyalty.”

Here is Mullen’s book:
Simple Art of Greatness

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Jim Mullen and The Simple Art of Greatness
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