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Coupon Sites

“Deal of the day” sites like Groupon and Living Social are another highly effective way to reach people through their mobile devices. You can advertise a special offer on these sites, which have apps for smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry.

These apps offer what is known as “push” notifications of new specials. This works very similar to a text message – when a new offer is posted, the app displays a message on the phone.

Let’s look at as an example, since it’s the largest of these sites.

You list a special offer of some type with Groupon, offering a discounted price, a two-for-one special or any number of other special deals. Groupon posts the deal on their website, sends it out by email and pushes it to all the users of their mobile applications.

Because the offers are geographical, only people in your general area will see it by default. The users of the service benefit by getting a great deal on what you sell and your company benefits by getting a bunch of new customers who might never heard of you otherwise.

Plus, people outside of your immediate market can also view your offer, and buy it as a gift for someone who lives nearby. So you can reach people who don’t even use the service via the people that do.


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Mobile Marketing: Daily Deal Coupons
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