The Speed and Power of Graph Databases

By Joe Ditzel

Why do social platforms like Facebook and Twitter use graph databases? As the data generated by Web 2.0 platforms continued to grow in size, relational databases could not process the information fast enough. Graph databases were developed to cope with processing big data.

Graph databases are more similar to object-oriented structures than relational databases. Employing nodes, properties and edges, graph databases do not rely on join operations. Because the schema is less strict, it can handle fluctuating data changes quickly. Graph-like queries, like figuring the shortest path through a series of nodes in a graph, are handled rapidly and naturally.

Super-Fast Access

Distinct from NoSQL and relational databases, a graph database is built for super fast access to complex data sets common to networks, recommendation engines and social media platforms. Traditional databases are tabular. Graph databases present data as it is reality–a series of separate objects linked by relationships. Programmers can begin to code graph databases instantly.

The main benefit is speed. A basic query can run hundreds of times faster on a graph databases than a traditional relational database. Graph databases do not rely on an index. Every element is linked to another by each “edge” coming in and out. Records can be accessed in a fraction of a second.

No Index

On the other hand, a relational database first goes through several stages to see how things are linked before it pulls the results of the query. Because graph databases do not rely on an index, they can easily adapt as the database grows to huge levels. In a sense, the data itself becomes the structure that holds it.

Graph databases are becoming more popular for several use cases including cloud management, geospatial applications, bioinformatics, and security control. The main benefit is speed. A basic query can run hundreds of times faster on a graph database than a traditional relational database.


Golf Driving Tips: Easy Does It

By Joe Ditzel

Golf is a complex game, but a few golf driving tips can provide rapid improvement with just a few small changes. To get the most powerful and accurate golf drives off the tee, an easy swing will deliver the goods. Many people try to swing ‘out of their shoes’ in an attempt to crush the ball. They lash at the ball and end up making many mistakes. The errors are even worse with the driver because it is the longest club in the bag. Slowing down your swing will give you important benefits:

Better Timing

The golf swing is really a sequence of events. Good golf driving tips show you how to wind up and unwind through the hitting area. An easier swing allows the body’s sequence of events to take place in a nice order.Swinging hard will throw the club off plane and make it almost impossible to make a good pass at the ball.

Solid Strike

Before you worry about swing speed you should strive for a solid hit. By missing the ‘sweet spot’ of the clubface even a little bit you are costing yourself major yardage. Go for a slower swing approach and it will be much easier to hit the sweet spot. You will gain yards by slowing down!

So, how do you slow down your swing? If you’ve been doing it the same way all your life, how do you change? Here are some easy golf driving tips to help slow down your freight train swing:

Pause At The Top

Strive to take a little pause at the top of your swing. Most golf driving tips don’t mention it is almost impossible to bring your body motion to a complete halt mid-swing. But if your brain tells your arms and shoulders to pause slightly at the top of the swing, it gives the knees, thighs and hips the slight head start they need to start the forward swing ‘from the ground up.’ Your shoulders will then follow and the club will drop nicely on plane.

Golf driving tips will relax all your muscles at the beginning of the swing. You could just simply say the word ‘relax’ to yourself as you take all the stiffness out of your joints. Then at mid-swing do the same thing. This will help prevent you from yanking the club down real hard in an attempt to kill the ball.


Picture in your mind the shot you want to make. Focus on the shot you want to make. Become target-focused. These mental golf driving tips will help your mind to relax and not think about the swing itself. You will be able to swing smoother and easier.

It doesn’t seem to make sense that an easier golf swing will produce better shots. But try these golf driving tips and you’ll see- you’ll get more solid hits with less effort. And you’ll be out-driving your golf buddies on the next round.

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Stress Relief Strategies- How to Handle Modern Life

By Joe Ditzel

Our high-tech modern world presents new sources of stress but there are stress relief strategies to relieve those pressures. It seems like society moves at a faster and faster pace every year. Science and technology offer modern conveniences. But the flip side is that stress is inevitable. Several things are impacting your stress levels:

Stress Relief Triggers

– Computers. New versions of Apple and Windows computers seem to come out several times of year. Then you have to make sure your applications are also all up to date.

– Finances. Complicated financial structures (and the super computers that calculate them) help lead to the financial meltdown in 2008-2009. Stress relief is needed on the personal level as well; if you are two cents over your bank balance the bank is quick to ding you with a $35 fee!

– Automobiles. Cars create the need for stress relief: they come equipped with more and more high-tech features like GPS. They even have support services that help if you lock yourself out of your car or in the case of an emergency. The options are bewildering.

– Home Entertainment. There are multiple formats for watching home video. People listen to music on their stereo, radio, MP3 player or iPod(TM) and iTunes(TM). There are also many types of gaming platforms that allow everything from playing golf to driving a sand-buggy though a desert race. Many of the gaming platforms even allow streaming of movies and other entertainment.

Here are some quick methods of relieving the stress you are under every day.

Stress Relief Methods

– Quick walk around the block. At work or home, get some stress relief by taking 15 minutes and go for a brisk walk around the block. Walking is a quick, convenient, low stress way to get your heart rate up and oxygen in your lungs.

– Stretch. Many people sit at computers for 8 or more hours a day. Your body was not built for sitting in one position that long. Here are two stretches that will help with stress relief.

  • Hold out your left hand at arm’s length and then bend the fingers back gently with the right hand. Do the same with the right hand, stretching the fingers back with the left hand. This will help relieve pain from working at the keyboard.
  • Now while sitting in your chair, hold on to the armrests while twisting your upper torso gently and slowly to the right. Feel the stretch in your lower back. Now do the same for the other side.

– Eat right. If you are not eating a balanced nutrition your body is weakened and the need for stress relief increases. You need some reserves to fight the onslaught of stress. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and include lean meats and fish in your diet. Avoid sweets and enriched food with low nutritional value.

– Sleep. Recent scientific studies show sleep is one of the most important factors of stress relief. This is an area you cannot cheat on. You must get enough rest every day to live a long and healthy life. It is the best way to have enough daily energy to battle stress.

Modern technology brings us a whole host of new conveniences at work, school and home. However, added stress is a byproduct of the speed of change in our fast-moving society. There are many methods that will help you get the proper stress relief. By eating right, exercising and getting the proper amount of sleep, you can lead a happy life and look forward to each day.

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Money Making Ideas- Get Paid to Find Someone Else a Job

By Joe Ditzel

Even if you are gainfully employed, you can make money finding a job for other people. There are several websites that will pay you to refer others to available jobs. Economists say the recession is over. But real unemployment is still hovering in the mid teens and you still hear about layoffs every day. Refer a job to friend or family member that really needs it and you’ll be able to pick up some dough as well.

Here are some websites that pay for job referrals. Each one is slightly different so make sure you read the details:


You can earn referral awards for connecting people to jobs. Employers can post jobs and set individual referral fees for each one. ReferEarns will allow you to fly under the radar if you are trying to be discreet. You do not have to give a lot of personal information to take part and post in the forums. If you are job-seeking you can post your resume but keep it hidden until you want to reveal it to certain employers.


Zyoin calls themselves India’s number one recruitment marketplace. While they handle full service recruiting and job board management, they also will pay for referrals. They even list the amount of award available right on the referral page. Forums are available to members to learn more and ask questions if needed.


Bohire is a young Canadian company paying for job referrals. According to the Winnipeg Free Press Bohire was part of a wave of companies born in the economic downturn. They are very tuned in to social networking and use it as a main cornerstone of their strategy. If you are big on Facebook and Twitter this site may be a good fit for you.


Like ReferEarns, WiseStep posts various referral award amounts on their site, often right on the front page. The beauty of the internet is that you can refer anyone in the world to any of the listings and get paid. WiseStep works on a points based system. Members earn points which can then be traded for rewards. You can even earn points for referring your contacts to the website to sign up as a member.

Many factors contributed to the economic meltdown and the resulting stagnant job market. Professional economists and government experts tell you the downturn is over but you’ll have a hard time selling that to the one in 6 of us that is out of work. New websites offering rewards for referrals are an exciting part of the new ways of job searching. You can do a friend or family member a good turn by referring them to a possible new job which will change their life. And you may get a little dough for yourself as well.

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Increase Safety and Security With Temporary Fencing For Construction Sites

By Joe Ditzel

Temporary fencing for construction sites protects workers, equipment and materials from vandals and other outside problems. At the same time, fencing provides a barrier to keep passersby from any exposure to construction activity. Temporary fencing is an ideal solution because it is mobile, sets up quickly and tears down fast.

Dangerous Equipment

The average residential or commercial construction site has many potential danger areas. Cranes, haulers, concrete mixers, and other types of machinery are common.

Construction activity like hammering, sawing and laying asphalt affects the people in surrounding regions. Temporary fencing provides a simple and quick way to prevent the general public from being injured by dangerous construction commotion.

Some construction sites are hard to delineate from the surrounding area. A construction project is often at various levels of completion in different sectors. People walking or driving in the area may not know that a section is not finished.

They begin to walk on the grounds and even inspect the building itself. Leaving any part of a construction site open to this scenario is a recipe for trouble. Temporary fencing clearly outlines a construction site boundary. It keeps people and animals away from an area that has yet to be completed.

Control Debris

Another benefit of temporary fencing is it helps control large amounts of material debris and other garbage that a busy construction site generates. In windy or blustery conditions, construction site material can be blown around the surrounding neighborhood. Temporary fencing is an ideal catchall for loose trash.

Temporary fencing is a perfect barrier to keep out thieves and vandals. Construction material is very valuable on the black market. Copper thieves, for example, have been known to tear apart every wall in a construction site to steal copper.

Quality temporary fencing around the construction site goes a long way toward discouraging theft. Criminals will move on to an open site with no fencing. It is a much easier target.

Meet Challenges

Temporary fencing is a low-cost way to solve many construction site challenges. Quality fencing helps:

  • Provide a safe and secure barrier to pedestrians, vehicle traffic and animals in the area.
  • Prevent random objects and trash from being strewn all around the area surrounding the construction project.
  • Discourage theft and vandalism because criminals will move on to easier, less protected targets.

It is easy to set up, quick to take apart and can be changed as a construction project evolves. With all these advantages, it is clear temporary fencing provides plenty of value for the investment.

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What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

by Joe Ditzel

Over the last few years there have been many weight loss supplements that have captured the fancy of the public. They include raspberry ketones, hoodia, yerba mate and chromium picolinate. One of the hot categories right now is green coffee bean extract.

Dr. Oz Study

Coffee fans may have seen green coffee extract at some of the popular coffee shops around town. It is often promoted as a good energy source without the bitter flavor of coffee. It has been on many popular television programs including the Dr. Oz show. In fact, Dr. Oz discussed his own study involving 100 women who were given either green coffee bean extract supplements or a placebo. Without any changes to their diet, the women that had taken the green coffee bean supplement dropped almost 2 pounds each compared to the placebo group.

Sounds good, right? So what is green coffee extract? If you were to look at coffee beans as seeds, you’d see they are green. It is the roasting process that makes the seeds brown and creates the flavor everyone knows. In the case of green coffee bean extract, the seeds are not roasted. They are soaked and then made into a concentration to get the extract.

The benefit is that when coffee seeds are actually roasted, their chlorogenic acid drops. Chlorogenic acid is beneficial because it is believed to block the accumulation of fat, aid weight loss and slows carbon absorption into the system. Best of all, green coffee extract doesn’t even smell like coffee as we know it. This is a major benefit for those that are turned off by the traditional aroma and look of coffee.

The scientific evidence is still coming in. However, there was a study in 2012 that determined that people who took 1050 mg and 700 mg amounts dropped to about 16 pounds over a month and a half compared to another group that only took a placebo. One of the drawbacks of this particular study is that the control group was so small. Only 16 participants were involved.

Safety and Caution

Is it safe? In some cases, caffeine bass supplements were found to not respond well with other similar supplements. For instance, combining green coffee extract with another stimulant might increase blood pressure in certain people.

There is little research at this time, but green coffee extract appears to be safe based on the clinical research that has been done. No serious side effects have been reported by any major research institutions.

Nonetheless, caffeine is a stimulant. It can cause any caffeine-related effects the same as regular coffee. Caffeine has been known to cause nervousness, stomach upset, nausea, insomnia and rapid breathing. It is generally advised not to consume large amounts of caffeine because it can result in anxiety, irregular heartbeats and major headaches.

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