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Ditzel and Company

(Los Angeles, CA — 8/1/12) – Marketing strategist Joe Ditzel announced today the opening of a marketing resource library at Ditzel and Company, his advertising and marketing agency. The resource library contains a variety of free and paid resources for advertisers, marketers and business owners to learn skills and techniques to market their business through direct response, Internet marketing and social media.

“Business owners are struggling to get accurate information to compete in today’s multichannel, multi-platform media world. This resource library has a number of ecourses, videos, and documents that cover key knowledge areas that will help them expand their customer base and grow sales,” Ditzel said.

Currently there are five resources in the library covering Google Plus, Facebook for Business and several other important areas for small to medium size businesses.

“Check back often as we are adding more resources every week,” Ditzel said. “By the end of the year, we hope to have several dozen resources for our clients and prospects.”

For more information e-mail Ditzel at

Joe Ditzel
Ditzel and Company

Ditzel and Company is a marketing and advertising agency that can helps companies gain new customers, sell more of their goods and services to existing customers, and increase the average size of all orders.  They focus on high ROI advertising — direct response campaigns built to get customers to buy today.

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Joe Ditzel is a copywriter, marketing consultant and award-winning public speaker. He is the founder of Vast Media Empire, a network of technology, business, information and entertainment websites. Contact Joe at or connect on: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+

Press Release: Ditzel and Company Opens Marketing Resource Library

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