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Another place that it’s important to maintain an active presence is review sites, including:

These sites are local business directories of a sort, which let people post ratings about reviews about them. Much like any other website we’ve discussed, you need to maintain a presence here if you want to be able to manage your brand and what people are saying about it.

One of the reasons these sites are so important is many of them have apps for the iPhone and other smartphones, so a lot of people use them to look up local businesses when they’re on the go. If they find a listing with low ratings or bad reviews, they can just choose another one – the business owner will never know they lost a potential customer.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you want to have an opportunity to either correct the problem or explain your side of it when these low ratings and review happen.

These sites aren’t only about reviews, however. Many of them let you make special offers to your customers, in the way of discounts, giveaways and more. These special offers can be another great way to draw in both new and existing customers through their smartphones and other mobile devices.

If they are searching for a local business using one of these services, seeing an offer from your company will make them a lot more likely to visit. And if it’s combined with good reviews and interaction on your part, it’s going to cement their decision even more firmly.

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Reputation Management: Dealing With Review Sites
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