An acquaintance’s father runs several restaurants in a mall food court. He asked about promotional ideas to drive traffic.

Here are many successful promotion ideas:

Since he owns several of the food court establishments, I suggest he use his leverage to get the mall to spend more money on promoting the food court. I’m not talking about his promotional cut. The mall has their own budget, and a healthy one, to run promotions. Bring in bands, have an indoor food tasting festival, etc.

Here’s some fuel for his argument: a 2007 Sharma study found shoppers spend 20% more at malls with a good food court. Not only that, “…And good, medium or otherwise, shoppers overall are spending more money on food at the mall, according to the International Council of Shopping Center. Food courts brought in $792 per square foot in 2010, up 5% from the year before; restaurants brought in $459 per square foot, up 4% from 2009.”

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Shopping Mall Marketing: Food Court Promotion Ideas
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