As a young lad fresh out of Ohio University I got my first sales job at WAKR-AM radio in Akron, Ohio. I used a very sophisticated sales strategy: Drive around and call on everybody using a lame pitch.

“You don’t want any radio advertising, do you?”


One day I called on a tailor in West Akron. He made custom suits and shirts. “Wow, this is cool!” I thought as I looked at all the bolts of fabrics you could choose from.

He gave me a crash course in custom clothing–how to choose the right shirt collar length for your face shape, the benefit of real buttonholes on a suit sleeve, the proper drop and break of slacks and more.

Sadly, I couldn’t become a customer. One shirt cost half of a week’s salary. Years later I returned and ordered ten shirts for $1500. Worth every penny. (It was the 90s ).

I thought of that guy when I read Craig Garber’s post about the $4,000 suit.

What would you market a tailor selling $4,000 custom handmade suits?

Here is the tailor and his challenges:…orth.html?_r=0

Here Craig details how he would handle his marketing and positioning:
Double your net profits – $4,000 Suit problem solved: – Craig Garber

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