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One important aspect of managing your brand online is simply engaging your customers. This comes back to having a Facebook Page, setting up a Twitter account for your business and using other social media sites.

This lets you connect with your customers without any of the cost associated with traditional advertising.

For example, if you have a Facebook Page where your customers can follow you, you can offer special promotions and other offers through it. A lot of people spend a great deal of their online time using Facebook, so you can reach a lot of people this way, with no advertising costs at all.

Let’s look at a pub as an example. It’s a Wednesday afternoon, and the week has been slower than normal. They’ve got an order arriving on Friday but still have too much inventory of a particular brand of beer from the previous one. They’ve been building a following on Facebook by letting their customers know about their page. So they post a special offer on Facebook for that brand of beer, good for the next two days.

Do you think that might bring in a few customers who wouldn’t have otherwise showed up over the next couple of days? Probably, and they more than likely won’t stop with the special promotion, they’ll order food as well. So a free promotion could turn a losing situation into additional profit for that business.

Facebook is a powerful channel for just this kind of creative promotion.

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Social Media Marketing: Engaging With Customers
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