That’s what Barbara Corcoran was told when she split from her business partner. She used that as motivation to become a millionaire. In this speech she tells the whole story.

You’ll discover:

– The Taiwanese Condo Queen and how she revolutionized NYC real estate.
– The single characteristic that separates top salespeople from the pack.
– Why superstars have something to prove to someone from their past.
– What to tell interviewees to find champions. (Ken Michaels does this! )
– How to create the image of success and why it matters.
– How to get press coverage and calls from the media.
– The meek may inherit the earth but big mouths win in NYC.

– How to use valuable content to get noticed and become an industry leader.
– How to get in the news and raise your profile.
– The number one truism in sales: Everybody wants what everybody wants and nobody wants what nobody wants. (How she sold $1.2 million of apartments in one day using this principle.)
– There is never a good time to be pregnant.
– The two major types of people and why you need both in your office.
– A fair way to get rid of the dogs fast (They never get better if you give them more time).
– Why you need to get rid of complainers no matter how much they produce.

– Sneaky ways to make people love to come to work.
– How to use ridiculous fun to make more money.
– Why bad economies are the best time to make big moves.
– How entrepreneurs can kick the ass of established firms.
– Why failure is your best friend.
– How careful planning will ruin you.
– What happens when you challenge Donald Trump.

Joe Ditzel is a copywriter, marketing consultant and award-winning public speaker. He is the founder of Vast Media Empire, a network of technology, business, information and entertainment websites. Contact Joe at or connect on: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+

Entrepreneurship: You’ll Never Succeed Without Me
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