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Multiple Methods Of Contact

Your website should make it easy for your customers to contact you, no matter what method of communication they prefer. All the places they can get in touch with you should be easily found when they arrive at your website. This includes things such as:

• Your phone number
• Your address
• Links to other websites like Facebook and Twitter
• A “contact us” form where they can send you a message directly from the website

The more ways you give your customers to contact you, the more likely it is that they will. And different people prefer different methods, so make it easy for each of them to do it the way they want.

If you’re really ambitious, and it fits the way you do business, you could even offer a live chat function on your website that lets your visitors chat with someone directly over the internet.

This is similar to a telephone conversation in many ways, except the communication is typed through the chat service instead.

This method of contact won’t work for every business, but if you or a staff member is sitting in front of the computer for much of the day, it may work for you. And while it may seem a bit “anti-social” to some people, there are a lot of people who aren’t comfortable calling and speaking to you “in person” but would be very comfortable chatting over the internet instead.

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Website Design: Multiple Methods of Contact
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